Merridawn Duckler: Cross Genre Artist

Merridawn Duckler is a writer from Oregon, author of INTERSTATE (dancing girl press) and IDIOM (Washburn Prize, Harbor Review) She won the Jewish in Seattle fiction contest and the Elizabeth Sloan Tyler Memorial Award from Woven Tale Press, judged by Ann Beattie. Recent work in Hobart, New Flash Fiction, Penn Review, No Contact, Cheat River Review. She’s an editor at Narrative and the international philosophy journal Evental Aesthetics.


Recent activity


Issue 17 of Juke Joint Magazine with a poem about driving, one of her favorite inspirational activities.

In Issue 9 of Rockvale Review with a poem about a poem she wrote at Reed College “the bad poem with the good title”:

In Smartish Pace, the Beullah Rose Poetry Prize:


Conceptual Art

An article from ArtsWatch about the land art show she curated at Blackfish Gallery. She spent two years and raised 10k so she could do this project on a genre close to her heart.


Flash Fiction

Painted Bride Quarterly for their themed issue on “Touch.”

On the Fated Sushi Train

across from me at the sushi place this mad woman talking to nothing so loud all customers avert their eyes to the shrimp passing and reject this one that one that one and then for some reason select the other one though to all extents and purposes it’s the exact same slice on rice as I look down and wonder if the way her frantic eyebrows fly around the room indicate a yearning to leave the body as I have just read in the book of collected sayings of Layman P’ang I brought to calm myself down after a rough psychotherapy session and my eyes meet a drifting tako that scares the shit out of me with a wink from all six eyes as now that woman touches every sushi piece and I think too how fate looks down and goes reject reject ok you there are selected to blend in though in many respects you be same exact as crazy across the way just learned to keep quiet about it and so may you sit eat pay read think and no one moves one seat nearer or away


Flash fiction published at Janus Literary. Nominated for 2022 Best Micro Fictions.


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