Sean Hogan, Garden Designer/ Plant Nerd

Sean Hogan, design consultant, author and Cistus owner and founder, specializes in public and private garden design, as well as planning and public space planting design. An avid plant hunter and collector, Sean’s passion has been the introduction of new and appropriate plants to Western North America, and specifically, the popularization of under-used and unknown plants for summer-dry climates. Sean was the consulting editor of the 20,000-plus entry FLORA: A Gardener’s Encyclopedia published in 2003 and published Trees for all Seasons in 2008, both by Timber Press.



Sean Hogan was formerly a horticulturist at the University of California, Berkeley Botanic Garden, where he managed the New World Desert, Australia/New Zealand, Africa, and California-cultivar gardens. He is a frequent contributor to horticultural journals such as the Rock Garden Quarterly and Pacific Horticulture.

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