Creativity: Hustlers Fakers & Thieves

Creativity: Hustlers Fakers and Thieves
Introducing Master and Apprentice

Welcome to the podcast Creativity: Hustlers, Fakers, and Thieves. Our first episode introduces you to Gary Rogowski, host, Master Craftsman, and author. His Apprentice is Ali Meghdadi, woodworker and scholar. They discuss the format of the podcast and begin to examine some of the issues that working artists face. Issues such as Curiosity, Practice, and Quality are a part of each artist’s philosophy of work. How do artists face a problem and solve it? Is practice more important than talent? And most importantly, how do they handle mistakes, a lack of confidence, or a complete failure in their work?

These are everyday issues and not just for the rich and famous but for all artists. What makes C: HFT different is that we presume that Creativity is accessible to all. It is not the province of only a few lucky/ unlucky souls. We can all be creative. C: HFT examines the concepts that all artists intuitively possess. This philosophy informs their work. Master and Apprentice, by virtue of their different time in the field, will examine these issues from two different perspectives. The questions they pose will help us learn new ways of considering Creativity.